Common-Law Duties of Non-Discrimination
Richard Epstein Says That Rand Paul Is Brain-Dead

Greg Sargent Notices What Rand Paul--and Ron Paul, and America's Right Libertarian Caucus--Believes

They believe that, if America were a good society, our tax dollars would be spent to pay police officers to taser and evict peacefully-shopping African-Americans from stores just because the shopkeeper doesn't like their faces. That's what Rand Paul thinks a good society looks like. Deal with it:

Greg Sargent: [Rand] Paul... cannot bring himself to say -- clearly and unequivocally -- that the Federal government should have the power to prohibit private businesses from discriminating on the basis of skin color, religion, or national origin.... Paul himself can't manage to say this. He visibly doesn't want to say this. It's remarkable. Paul had a chance this morning on ABC News to clarify his views on the proper role of Federal power vis-a-vis discrimination by private entities and institutions. He conspicuously declined to do so.... George Stephanopoulos read aloud from that 2002 letter Paul wrote attacking the Fair Housing Act, in which he said "a free society will abide unofficial, private discrimination" and added that discrimination should not be "prohibited for private entities." Pressed repeatedly on whether he stuck by those views, Paul refused to answer. Instead, he reiterated that he doesn't favor repealing the Civil Rights Act or the Fair Housing Act. And when Stephanopoulos asked directly whether Paul still believes what he wrote, he didn't answer directly...