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The New York Times Also Has a Big (Albeit Different) Problem with Reporters Katharine Q. Seelye, Jim Rutenberg and Jeff Zeleny

It Looks Like the New York Times Has a Very Big Problem with Reporter Raymond Hernandez

Colin McEnroe:

Colin McEnroe's To Wit Blog: The Linda McMahon campaign is taking full credit for digging up the tape about Blumenthal and Vietnam. They say it unequivocally in this story. "The campaign of Republican Linda McMahon acknowledged finding and providing the video. 'We got our hands on it', said Ed Patru, McMahon's director of communications." Kevin Rennie went into greater detail, writing that the entire story was researched by the McMahon campaign and fed to the Times. The McMahon campaign put Rennie's words up on its official site and then later took them down. But not before they were spotted by people like Mike Allen.

I appeared with Raymond Hernandez of the New York Times on The Takeaway this morning. The host asked him about that claim, and he flatly denied that was the case. You can hear it around 1:53. I appeared again with Hernandez less than two hours later on the Brian Lehrer Show and asked him again about the original source of the story. He first said "I don't recognize" my summary of his previous remarks (you have to drag all the way to 14:37 to hear this). He then seemed to become irritated. Ultimately, he said, again, "The answer is no"...

Fox 61 and Hartford Courant:

McMahon Confirms Campaign's Role In N.Y. Times Story On Blumenthal: STAMFORD Linda McMahon,a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, on Wednesday confirmed that her campaign had a role in this week's New York Times story about Democratic candidate Richard Blumenthal's misstatements about his military career. McMahon was asked whether her campaign fed the Times information for the story. "We did," McMahon said. "We've had some role with our research, yes." She did not elaborate. McMahon made her comments to Fox61 reporter Laurie Perez while on her way into the Republican Party's annual Prescott Bush Awards Dinner. The campaign has previously acknowledged that it played some part in the story...

Why oh why can't we have a better press corps?