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links for 2010-05-18

  • SB: "CAN'T BRING THESE FOLKS ANYWHERE.... The Maine Republican Party... endorsed a right-wing party platform combining "fringe policies, libertarian buzzwords and outright conspiracy theories." Almost as interesting was the Maine GOP's behavior.... GOP members used an eighth-grade classroom for a caucus meeting, and took it upon themselves to start making some changes.... '"We allowed them to use the space and I'm appalled that they would go through a teacher's things, let alone remove something from a classroom," [School Committee member Sarah Thompson] said Wednesday. "We want the public to use school spaces, but they need to respect that it's a school and understand that they should leave it the way they find it." ... Clifford learned that his classroom had been searched. Republicans who had attended the convention called Principal Mike McCarthy to complain about "anti-American" things they saw there, including a closed box containing copies of the U.S. Constitution...'"
  • B: "Best throwaway line of the week comes from The Economist's wrapup on Hugo Chávez... '[T]o many... including this newspaper, he has come to embody a new, post-cold-war model of authoritarian rule which combines a democratic mandate, populist socialism and anti-Americanism, as well as resource nationalism and carefully calibrated repression.' And the zinger: 'This model has proved surprisingly successful across the world. Versions are to be found in countries as disparate and distinct as Iran, Russia, Zimbabwe and Sudan. In one way or another, these regimes claim to have created a viable alternative to liberal democracy.'... I should think they are describing also China, the Central Asian Republics and a whole host of less-noticed governments where a combination of state capitalism and soft police state have coalesced into s viable... I should think that maybe "parody/lampoon of liberal democracy" captures the new reality even better. For more background, look here."
  • MY: " the Tea Party... is grounded in a number of durable U.S. political traditions and it has a demographic profile similar to other conservative political movement. It’s not going anywhere... it’s never gone anywhere.... [I]n the United States (like most countries I’m familiar with) a minority of the population strongly adheres to populist nationalist views and becomes mobilizes when its political adversaries are running the country.... The problem for liberals today isn’t so much that the Tea Party isn’t going away as it is that a lot of people who aren’t Tea Partiers feel specifically that the Obama/Reid/Pelosi trifecta has not made their lives better."
  • MY: "Rajan writes in the style of a member of the political right and has a couple of wingnutty preoccupations, but the bulk of his ideas would fit comfortable on the progressive agenda.... He sees growing income inequality in the United States—particular the tendency of the top ten percent to pull away from the middle class—as a key driver here that compelled politicians to look on cheap credit as a way of maintaining middle class consumption even in the face of wage stagnation.... His proposed solutions... the performance of our education system... high-quality preschool... prenatal health care and child nutrition.... [T]he problems of “global imbalances” have been well-understood for years and nobody seems interested in doing anything about them.... [W]ingnutty preoccupations with Fannie & Freddie and the Community Reinvestment Act..."
  • MD: "The iPad launch clearly demonstrated that iPhone OS is the future of the business..... If the Cocoa Touch app empire crumbles before a next-generation replacement is ready, the next best thing is an open standard. The alternative is that someone else’s proprietary technology.... An open web is a safe, neutral fallback.... Apple is a W3C member... has a product in Safari / WebKit that not only tracks the standard, but drives it. WebKit has been a leader in modern web technology adoption for years. Apple happily gives its improvements back to the public WebKit branch, because leading is the next best thing after owning.... Apple.., is doing everything it can to limit the list of Cocoa Touch replacements to: (a)A newer native Apple framework (b) Safari.... Not HTML5. Not even WebKit. Safari.... Apple spent nearly a decade trying to unshackle the Mac from Internet Explorer. It will not hand over iPhone OS so easily."