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Should We Ban Naked CDSs?

Oberkommando des Heeres Liveblogs World War II: May 11, 1940


After crossing the borders of Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg, the German West Army has repulsed the enemy border troops everywhere in Holland and Belgium and, despite the [enemy's] destruction of countless bridges, and despite obstructions of every kind, is on the offensive and advancing rapidly.

Paratroops and airborne troops have landed and are about to carry out their security missions.

Luftwaffe units, flying in relays, are supporting the advance of the Army by bombing columns and troop camps, and by damaging or destroying roads, railway lines and bridges. Their sweeping reconnaissance has brought clear information about enemy army movements. Furthermore, on May 10, massed forces of the German Luftwaffe led the first grand assault on the root of the enemy air force in France, Belgium and Holland. 72 airfields were attacked, 300-400 enemy aircraft destroyed on the ground, large numbers of airfield installations and hangars destroyed by fire and explosions...