Why We Need a New and Very Different Opposition to the Democrats than the One We Have
links for 2010-05-17

Why We Need a New and Very Different Opposition to the Democrats than We Actually Have

Thoreau watches Tom Campbell pretend to be a wingnut:

Damnit! § Unqualified Offerings: Once upon a time I remember Tom Campbell saying vaguely sane things about drug policy.  That’s more than you can get from most politicians in either party, especially those who aren’t on the fringes with Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.  So I was all set to vote in the GOP primary in a few weeks (as a registered independent I have the option to vote in a major party primary here).  And then I read this. Now, I could handwave it away as being pretty tame by GOP standards, since he doesn’t call for torture or not holding a trial.  He just says that the questioning should take place without the official warnings.  Still, we all know how this goes, we all know that when you start loosening the rules binding the government it usually bodes pretty poorly for our freedom (or our security, for that matter).  It doesn’t matter if things work out great in some Ideal Platonic Miranda-free interrogation, because in Real Actual interrogations cops who are told “Don’t worry about the rules” tend to do pretty bad things.

I was never a fan of  the GOP, but I used to think that there might be a few sane people in that party.  Alas, even one of The Good Ones has gone bad...