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Wingnut Republican Right Declares War on Illinois as Well...

Not satisfied with attacking the entire west coast and all of the east coast north of the Rappahanock, the Republican wingnuts have now declared war on Illinois as well: they don't know who is buried in Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Illinois, but they are certain that they are not worth a visit by the President on Memorial Day.

Wonkette watches the clown show:

Wonkette : Does Barack Obama Hate The Troops For Talking At A Chicago Cemetery, On Memorial Day?: [R]ight-wing radio hosts... like Glenn Beck and Erick Erickson are upset with Barack Obama’s decision to spend the long weekend in Chicago, where he will speak at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery on Memorial Day, instead of staying in Washington to speak at Arlington National Cemetery.... Why is Barack Obama the first president to insult the troops like this — especially Southern troops, since he’s speaking at Abraham Lincoln’s death field?...