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Winston Churchill Liveblogs World War II: May 15, 1940

Winston Churchill: May 15, 1940:

At half-past seven... I was woken... M. Reynaud was on the telephone at my bedside.... "We have been defeated." As I did not immediately respond he said again: "We are beaten; we have lost tghe battle." I said: "Surely it can't have happened so soon?" But he replied: "The front is broken near Sedan; they are pouring through in great numbers with tanks and armoured cars"--or words to that effect. I then said; "All experience shows that the offensive will come to an end after a while. I remember the 21st of March, 1918. After fifve or six days they have to halt for supplies, and the opportunity for counter-attack is presented. I learned all this from the lips of Marshal Foch himself." Certainly this was what we had always seen in the past and what we ought to have seen now...