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Paul Krugman on the Arc of Post-WWII Social Democracy in the North Altantic

Winston Churchill Liveblogs World War II: May 22, 1940

Winston Churchill: May 22, 1940:

To: Lord Gott: I flew to Paris this morning.... Reynaud, Weygand, and ourselves... agree:

  1. That the Belgian Army should withdraw to the line of the Yser and stand there, the sluices being opened.
  2. That the British Army and the French First Army should attack southwest towards Bapaume and Cambrai at the earliest possible moment, certainly tomorrow, with about eight divisions, and with the Belgian Cavalry Corps on the right of the British.
  3. That as this battle is vital to both armies and the British communications depend upon freeing Amiens, the British Air Force should give the utmost possible help, both by day and by night, while it is going on.
  4. That the new French Army Group which is advancing upon Amiens and forming a line along the Somme shoud strike northwards and join hands with the British divisions who are attacking southwards in the general direction of Bapaume...