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Duncan Black Claims that "Denying Reality Is Not a Plan." Duncan Black Is Wrong!

Duncan Black:

Just Like Toothpaste: Heckuva job.

Just weeks ago, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour claimed that oil was not a big threat to the people of the Gulf Coast. Now, with oil hitting his state's beaches for the first time since the start of the BP spill, the Republican governor says his state isn't prepared for the spill and needs more help.

Don't know why so many politicians think that denying reality is a plan.

Because denying reality is too a plan. Given the American media and American politics, denying reality is a very successful plan. In fact, it has worked regularly for the Republican Party since 1980. They say the world is flat and so we need tax cuts and Democrats are selling us to the Communists. The Washington Post says that opinions on shape of earth differ, but everyone agrees that the Democratic Party needs to reexamine its links with Vladimir Lenin and that tax cuts would be good for the economy. And the Blue Dogs say that they are not like those other Democrats--they are willing to examine the case of the flatness of the earth with an open mind.

As one reporters said upon emailing me a link to Ed Luce's interview with Eric Cantor on fiscal policy:

It is remarkable both how ignorant he is of the policy substance, and what a hard time he has coming up with coherent answers when someone who actually knows and cares about the issues aks him questions...

Yet do we read in our daily newspapers that Eric Cantor has no business representing any segment of the American people in Washington? We do not.