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Sources of Our Current Deficit

Hans Frank Liveblogs World War II: July 12, 1940

Hans Frank:

Hans Frank, Governor-General of Occupied Poland: Another very important point is the decision of the Fuehrer, which he made at my request, that there will be no more transports of Jews into the area of the Government-General [of Occupied Poland]. As a general political observation I would like to state that it is planned to transport the whole pack of Jews from the German Reich, the Government-General and the Protectorate, in the shortest conceivable time after peace has been made, to an African or American Colony. Madagascar is being considered, to be ceded by France for this purpose. There will be ample room here for a few million Jews on an area of 500,000 sq. kms. I have tried to let the Jews in the Government-General also share in this advantage, of building up a new life on new land. This has been accepted so that there should be a tremendous easing [of the situation] within sight...