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Only Wonkette Can Deal with Today's Really Existing Republican Party

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Josh Fruhlinger writes about Republican House leader John Boehner:

Wonkette: The Christian Science Monitor held some sort of confab on unemployment, and John Boehner insisted that... he does not want the unemployed ground up into hamburger per se. He made the following bumbling attempt at relating as a fellow human to America’s many unemployed, none of whom, we assume, were invited by the CSM to this little meeting:

I’ve got real empathy for those who are unemployed, as most of you know I’ve got 11 brothers and sisters. I know that three of my brothers lost their jobs, I’m not sure whether they’ve found jobs, yet, so I’ve got a lot of empathy for those caught in this economic downturn...

Ha ha, there are so many Boehners that he can’t even keep track of which ones are unemployed! Since John has a big-shot government job, couldn’t he find cushy gigs on his staff for some of his hobo brothers? No.... Anyway, this story about all his brothers and sisters answers a question that, according to Google, millions of Americans are asking: Yes, why is John Boehner orange?