Notes on Course Materials for Econ 1
Articles for Section 2 Student Oral Presentations

A Forwarded Note from the Economics Department's GSI Coordinator

Juan Carlos Suarez Serrato wrote:

Dear Professors:

I'll keep it as brief as possible. I want to remind you of two things:

  1. Regarding enrollment inquiries. As the semester starts and students finalize their course selection you get many inquiries concerning enrollment. You can forward those questions to me, or head them off in the first place, by announcing that all enrollment questions should be sent to the department's Head GSI (me) at: [email protected].

  2. Regarding undergraduate courses with sections. These sections need to meet during the first week of classes, even if the first section meeting is before the first lecture. This serves two purposes: first, GSIs can take care of some housekeeping like arranging office hours and introducing themselves. Second, if your class has a waitlist, GSIs take attendance in order to drop any student that doesn't show up the entire first week (Thursday, August 26th through Wednesday, September 1st).


Juan Carlos Suarez Serrato
Head GSI, Econ Department