A Forwarded Note from the Economics Department's GSI Coordinator
Articles for Section 3 Student Oral Presentations

Articles for Section 2 Student Oral Presentations

Articles for section 2 presentations:

  1. The Financial Times's "austerity debate" at http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/dc3ac844-9010-11df-91b6-00144feab49a.html, which has the first paragraphs of contributions and links to the larger pieces;

  2. The Economist's "Is inflation or deflation a greater threat?" at http://www.economist.com/economics/by-invitation/questions/inflation_or_deflation_greater_threat_world_economy;

  3. The Economist's "Are current deficit reduction plans likely to boost growth?" at http://www.economist.com/economics/by-invitation/questions/are_current_deficit_reduction_plans_likely_boost_growth.