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George Orwell Liveblogs World War II: August 26, 1940

George Orwell:

THE ORWELL PRIZE: The raid which occurred on the 24th was the first real raid on London so far as I am concerned, i.e. the first in which I could hear the bombs.  We were watching at the front door when the East India docks were hit.  No mention of the docks being hit in Sunday’s papers, so evidently they do conceal it when important objectives are hit . . . . . . It was a loudish bang but not alarming and gave no impression of making the earth tremble, so evidently these are not very large bombs that they are dropping.  I remember the two big bombs that dropped near Huesca when I was in the hospital at Monflorite.  The first, quite 4 kilometres away, made a terrific roar that shook the houses and sent us all fleeing out of our beds in alarm.  Perhaps that was a 2000 lb. bomb and the ones at present being dropped are 500 lb. ones.

They will have to do something very soon about localising alarms.  At present millions of people are kept awake or kept away from work every time an aeroplane appears over any part of London.