Hermann Goering Liveblogs World War II: August 23, 1940
We Are Not Making It Up as We Go Along

Liveblogging World War II

London, August 24, 1940:

Drew Middleton, The Sky Suspended: The Battle of Britain May 1940-April 1941: A baby cried. A woman woke, comforted it, opened her dress and gave it her breast. The woman looked up, 'Awful ain't it, but we can't get in to them big shelters and those ones on the street are terrible dangerous.'

When I came out I saw Micky's small figure standing by the door of his shelter. There was the rumbling roar of a stick of bombs falling across the river and that never-to-be-forgotten, belly-turning rustling, crackling and cracking sound of a building crashing. 'Someone's copped it,' said Micky.

As I left he said; 'Tell them we're not crying about it. It's like Churchill said, "It's up to us. But tell 'em it's no bloody picnic."'