Yep. Totally Hosed...
A Forwarded Note from the Economics Department's GSI Coordinator

Notes on Course Materials for Econ 1

Three quick notes about the course materials for Econ 1:

  1. Note that you do not need the latest (9th) edition of the recommended textbook, Principles of Economics by Case, Fair, and Oster. The 8th edition (or earlier editions) would be perfectly sufficient. Currently, used copies of the 8th edition are extremely cheap at and other places online. We will not be using the MyEconLab resources, so don't worry about paying any licencing fee for this service when buying a used book.

  2. Note that the entire text of Adam Smith's An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations is available for free online at There is no need to purchase a physical volume if you do not wish to do so.

  3. Given the benefits to your grade you will definitely want to acquire an i>clicker. Everyone is expected to have one and bring it to every lecture (including the first one). You can find new or used clickers online (at, say, or locally at the ASUC Bookstore or Ned's. They can be used for other courses for the duration of your time at Cal, and they can also be sold back at the conclusion of the semester. Once you purchase a clicker, register it at with your name and 8-digit student ID.

More information and details to follow over the coming days.

Mike Urbancic, Head GSI