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Preliminary: U.C. Berkeley Economic History Seminar: Fall 2010

Preliminary: U.C. Berkeley Economic History Seminar

Fall 2010

M 2-3:30, Evans Hall 597

J. Bradford DeLong, Christina D. Romer, Joshua K. Hausman

Aug 30: Organizational Meeting
Sep 6: Labor Day Holiday
Sep 13: Mrdjan M. Mladjan
Sep 20: Economic History Association Week
Sep 27: Nathan Sussman: “Taxation Mechanisms and Growth in Medieval Paris”
Oct 11: Jeff Greenbaum
Oct 18: Oliver Falck
Oct 25: Shari Eli
Nov 1: Greg Clark
Nov 8: Doug Irwin
Nov 15: Matt Ridley
Nov 29: Stelios Michalopoulos: "'Divide and Rule' or the Rule of the Divided? Evidence from Africa."
Dec 7: Hoyt Bleakley