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Hoisted from Comments: Ken Houghton on How the Bosses of the Washington Post Throw the Good Work Their Good Reporters Do into the Toilet

Hoisted from Comments: Ken Houghton:

Dean Baker Watches as the Washington Post Wages Class War--Against the Dangerous Classes that Make Up the Bottom 90%: RE:

the task force concluded that GM's commitment to the UAW was legally binding on a taxpayer-owned post-bankruptcy GM -- just as binding as its other pension obligations, which the task force had agreed to leave untouched. This is plausible, legally.

"Plausible" is apparently reporter-speak for:

We don't have the slightest coitusing idea about what we're writing.

In point of fact, that structure was negotiated between GM and the UAW precisely because of the possibility of bankruptcy--there were wage and worker concessions made, as well as leaving the obligation itself relatively underfunded. (This is no surprise, since GM chronically underfunded its pension requirements even in The Good Days.)

WaPo auto industry reporters know this. And now they know how devalued their reporting is within their own paper.

Why oh why can't we have a better press corps?

Are there any auto industry reporters left at the Washington Post? They certainly never filled John Berry's Federal Reserve reporting slot...