There Is in Economics a Peculiar Tenacity of Error--a Perpetual Principle of Resuscitation in Slain Absurdity...
Christie Romer: The Only Surefire Way for Policymakers to Substantially Increase Aggregate Demand in the Short Run Is for the Government to Spend More and Tax Less

UC Berkeley Webcasts and File Uploads: J. Bradford DeLong: Economics 1, Fall 2010

Three audio files of the first Econ 1 lecture: Lecture 1, August 30: Introduction to Macroeconomics.

One at:

The others at:

Comments on audio quality?

The consensus seems to be that the "SP" files are the best...

File Uploads:

August 30: Introduction to Macroeconomics: Audio | Slides | Notes

September 1: Introduction to Depression Economics: Audio | Slides | Notes

September 8: Downturns and Financial Markets: Keynesians and Monetarists: Audio | Slides | Notes

September 13: The Financial Panic and the "Great Recession":