Mark Thoma Tracks Greg Mankiw on QE2
Hoisted from the Archives: Let Us Give Thanks (Wacht am Rhein Department)

I Am Supposed to Talk About Lessons for Keynesians (and Monetarists!) from the Financial Crisis...

I wonder what they are? Perhaps: "Be a Minskyite!"?

The AEA Program

2011 AEA Annual Meeting Papers:

Jan 07, 2011 10:15 am, Sheraton, Governor's Square 15 American Economic Association

What's Wrong (and Right) with Economics? Implications of the Financial Crisis (A1) (Panel Discussion): Panel Moderator: JOHN QUIGGIN (University of Queensland, Australia) * BRAD DELONG (University of California-Berkeley) Lessons for Keynesians * TYLER COWEN (George Mason University) Lessons for Libertarians * SCOTT SUMNER (Bentley University) A defense of the Efficent Markets Hypothesis * JAMES K. GALBRAITH (University of Texas-Austin) Mainstream economics after the crisis