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Liveblogging World War II: November 11, 1940

Carrier vs. battleships: the "battle" of Taranto:

World War II Day-By-Day: Day 438 November 11, 1940: At 11 PM, 21 Fairey Swordfish (11 with torpedoes and 10 carrying bombs) attack the Italian fleet at Taranto, taking off from British carrier HMS Illustrious.... 6 Italian battleships and 3 cruisers lie at anchor in the outer harbour.... Torpedoes sink 1 battleship, the Conte di Cavour, and damage 2 others, Littorio and Caio Duilio.... [B]ombing of the inner harbour is ineffective. 2 Swordfish are shot down (1 crew of 2 killed, 1 crew of 2 taken prisoner). The remaining 19 Swordfish return safely to HMS Illustrious by 2.30 AM next morning...