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U.C. Berkeley Fall 2010 Econ 1 File Uploads

File Uploads:

August 30: Introduction to Macroeconomics: Audio | Slides | Notes

September 1: Introduction to Depression Economics: Audio | Slides | Notes

September 8: Downturns and Financial Markets: Keynesians and Monetarists: Audio | Slides | Notes

September 13: Dealing with the "Great Recession": Audio | Slides | Notes

September 15: Inflation Economics: Audio | Slides | Notes

September 20: Inflation Economics II:

September 22: Budget Economics:

September 27: Budget Economics II:

September 29: Growth Economics: Background:

October 1: Pre-Midterm Review Session:

More In-Section Presentation Articles:

October 6: Economic Growth II:

October 11: Introduction to Microeconomics:

October 13: Fundamentals of Supply and Demand:

October 18: Working with Supply and Demand:

October 20: Short Run and Long Run:

Problem Set 5

October 25: General Equilibrium:

October 27: Monopoly:


Monopolistic Competition:

Sample Midterm 2

Files for November 3 Lecture: Monopolistic Competition:

Solutions for Sample Midterm 2, and for Problem Sets 4, 5, and 6:





Files for November 10 "Externalities" Lecture:

Download Problem+set+7

Student Oral Presentation Articles for Week of November 15:

November 15 "Public Goods and Asymmetric Information":