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What, Felix, Is Wrong, Exactly, with Proposing to Give Every American Family a Sparkly Unicorn for Diwali?

Felix Salmon writes:

Brad DeLong’s fiscal manifesto : Brad DeLong is fed up with vague hand-waving from technocrats... So he comes up with his own seven-point “platform for the bipartisan technocrats of the center”, which “everybody centrist and deficit-hawkish in the reality-based community should be willing to commit to today”....

DeLong... has performed two important services... translated technocratese into stark policy proposals, and he’s demonstrated that the technocrats in question might as well be talking about giving every US family a free unicorn for all that their wishes will ever come true.

Let’s hope (against hope) that when the technocrats continue the debate, they’ll have been paying attention to both messages.

I'm not sure I understand this last point: how are we supposed to "pay attention to this second message"? I mean, are we talking "Hige sceal þe heardra! Heorte þe cenre! Mod sceal þe mare, þe ure mægen° lytlað!" or what?

And, yes, you are right about the regressive nature of the carbon tax...