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Winston Churchill Blogs About November 13, 1940

Winston Churchill:

After supper at the Soviet Embassy there was a British air raid on Berlin. We had heard of the conference [and of Molotov's visit to Berlin] beforehand, and though not invited to join in the discussion did not wish to be entirely left out of the proceedings....

When in August 1942 I first visited Moscow I received from Stalin's lips... an account.... "When Molotov," said the Marshal, "went to see Ribbentrop in November of 1940 you got wind of it and sent an air raid." I nodded.

When the alarm sounded Ribbentrop led the way down many flights of stairs to a deep shelter sumptuously furnished. When he got inside the raid had begun. He shut the door and said to Molotov: "Now that we are alone together, why should we not divide?"

Molotov said: "What will England say?"

"England," said Ribbentrop, "is finished. she is no more use as a Power.'

"If that is so," said Molotov, "why are we in this shelter, and whose are these bombs that fall?"