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Austin Frakt:

Massachusetts coverage update | The Incidental Economist: The Massachusetts Division of Health Care Finance and Policy (MA DHCFP) has released the results of its 2010 household insurance survey. It’s very good news, and to tie it into current news, it continues to show the value of an individual mandate.

[N]ot only does Massachusetts continue to have the highest health insurance coverage rate in the nation, but that our state has seen gains even through an economic recession.

This year, more than 98 percent of Massachusetts residents have health insurance. These results are astonishing.

Some of the most exciting news is related to children and elderly adults, as the survey found that virtually all Massachusetts children have health insurance (99.8 percent) and nearly all elderly adults are covered (99.6 percent).

The survey, conducted by the independent Urban Institute on behalf of the Division, indicates that coverage is very strong for Massachusetts residents at all income levels, ranging from 96 percent for those with family income under 300 percent of the federal poverty level to over 99 percent of those with income above 500 percent of the federal poverty level.