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Hoisted from Comments: George Orwell's Motivations

Apropos of George Orwell on Belonging to England's Lower Upper Middle Class in the 1930s, a correspondent asks:

Isn't it often wondered if Orwell's socialism wasn't at least as related to his feelings of being unable to REALLY be of the ruling and leisure classes as it was to any feelings of social and economic injustice in Britain? And in the colonies also, of course.

Orwell really did not like being a colonial administrator In Burma. He concluded that being such a petty tyrant was no life for a proper man.

He was very brave, very talented, very hard working: I think he could have gotten quite rich in either colonial administration or right-wing journalism--if he could have stomached it.

Instead, he became an anti-Stalinist left-wing journalist in 1930s Britain--a career path guaranteed to put you on the edge of bankruptcy...