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Michael Froomkin Worries About His French...

I suspect Michael Froomkin's French sounds to les parisiens like the French from a movie made in the 1930s--emigrant language speakers do tend to freeze vocabulary, grammar, and slang, and transmit the frozen version to those who learn from them:

Attrapé: Yahoo Groupes (sic) is unhappy with me:

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And it’s true too.

Somehow “Votre navigateur n’accepte pas les cookies” seems like amazing Franglais. This is why I wonder if I still speak French sometimes: The language has borrowed so much English that it has left me behind.

When I go to France, I sometimes wonder if people think I sound like someone speaking Edwardian English. If I could only convince myself the effect was Shakespearean...

My view is that all old languages sound Shakespearean. As xkcd says:

xkcd_ Period Speech.jpg

The same people who spend their weekends at the Blogger Reenactment Festivals will whine about the anachronisms in historical movies, but no one else will care.

Which, of course, reminds me of the great http://xkcd.com/239/:

xkcd_ Blagofaire.jpg