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Gordon's Notes:

Gordon's Notes: Jean-Louis Gassée on Cloud 2.0 – post of the month: Gassée has done many things, but he’s best known for having been Apple’s CEO for a time. These days he’s a VC “general partner”. It’s safe to assume he’s rich beyond my paltry dreams of avarice. Why does he bother writing a not-terribly-famous blog? I don’t think it’s for the adword revenue. My best guess is that he’s helping out the blog’s co-author, and that he writes for love. Alas for those who write to live, his free stuff is better than the best of the WSJ. Such is the curse of early 21st century journalism....

[W]hy is it that only cranks like me and outliers like Gassée ever point out where Google fails? It’s a bit hallucinatory. Gmail’s contacts function has been terrible for years.... Google Docs are still very weak.... [T]hings are worse when you look at the channel confusion around Blogger, Google Doc, Buzz and Google Sites. Really, I do love a lot about Google, but they have to give up on the idea that good design is emergent.

Go and read [Gassee's] Cloud 2.0 post.... Don’t forget to marvel at the strange age we live in, where some of the best journalism is done for love...