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Repeat A Lie Enough Times . . .

Barry Ritholtz:

Repeat A Lie Enough Times . . . | The Big Picture: All last year, I kept getting emails from people asking me: “Why do you keep hammering  on these issues?  Why do you beat up on the eejits who push the Fannie Freddie CRA meme? Its dead, everyone knows its nonsense.” Except, not so much. That 4 members of the FCIC could push such as discredited meme reflects a broader strategy of Agnotology. Even Gretchen Morgenson, of that liberal media outlet NYTimes, began her column on Sunday with this sentence:

DECIDING what to do with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the taxpayer-owned mortgage giants that helped set the financial crisis in motion, will be a huge job for Congress next year.

That single sentence is a huge victory for the reality challenged.