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Robert Waldmann: David Frum Explains Why Friends Don't Let Friends Support Republicans

Robert Waldmann:

David Frum explains why friends don't let friends vote for Republicans: He wrote

The right kind of focused, temporary government spending can also be a powerful job creator. Over the next generation, we desperately need to improve our road, air, and rail networks and to modernize our systems for distributing electricity. We should be doing as much as possible of this work now, to spur recovery. Unfortunately, infrastructure investment has been a victim of our broken politics. The money does not go to the best projects. The money is earmarked by the most powerful politicians. We need a new tunnel under the Hudson. We get a bridge to nowhere.

Pretty good for a Republican except for the bit about reality. We didn't get a bridge to nowhere. The project was cancelled (and not because Palin said "thanks but no thanks").... The transportation bill which included funding for the bridge to Gravina island was a monstrosity -- passed by a House and Senate with Republican majorities and signed into law by George Bush Jr. Also, Republican governor Christopher Christie's decision to cancel the project to build a new tunnel under the Hudson was idiotic.

There is an easy solution to both problems noted by Frum. Never vote for a Republican again.

Maybe, maybe if there were no elected Republicans Frum could find a decision made by a Democrat to criticize.