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No, This Is Not Surprising...

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S.D. of the Economist asks a question:

S.D.: The rich in America: Who's rich?: [A]nother thing that I, at least, was struck by when I looked at the Saez-Piketty data was the thresholds for being in the top 10% and 5% of the American population.... To get into the top 5%, you need to earn less than $150,000. To me, it's something of a wake-up-call to realise that a couple who make $75,000 each are in the top 5% of American households. I'm curious whether this is surprising to others, too? Would you, like me, have guessed the thresholds were higher? Does this change what you think about who is "rich" in America today?

It is not surprising, that is, if you keep your eyes open and criss-cross either urban or rural America. It is not surprising if you channel-surf cable TV and think about the advertisements that you watch and understand that advertisements are aimed at attracting disposable income dollars...