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Senator Burton K. Wheeler Liveblogs World War II

Liveblogging World War II: February 27, 1941


From: Honolulu (Okuda)
To: Tokyo (Gaimudaijin)
27 February, 1941
(J17 K6)


Re my #29*.

Apparently the [U.S. Pacific] Fleet goes to sea for a week of training and stays in Pearl Harbor one week. Every Wednesday, those at sea and those in the harbor change places. This movement was noted on last Wednesday, the 26th.

The following vessels were seen in Pearl Harbor on the 27th: 4 battleships (1 of the California class and 3 of the Maryland class); 4 heavy cruisers (all of the San Francisco class); 6 light cruisers (4 of the Honolulu class and 2 of the Omaha class); 25 destroyers of which 3 were outside of the harbor); 2 destroyer tenders; 1 troop transport; several transports; several submarines; and 2 submarine tenders.

The Yorktown was not in port. A vessel which appeared to be a heavy cruiser was anchored outside of the harbor.