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Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps?

Megan McArdle once wrote: "I struggle daily to live up to Brad’s well-known standards of accuracy, fairness, and integrity."

Well, she has once again failed:

Megan McArdle: Andrew [Sullivan's]'s defense seems to be that there are a lot of right wing jerks out there, and that by combing Loughner's writing, he can find a few sentences here and there that sort of sound like things that might have been said by one of those right wing jerks.  But I'm pretty sure that if I combed Loughner's writing, I could find some sentences here and there that imply that Loughner read Andrew's writing, or gay rights literature, or Edmund Burke...

Andrew Sullivan says:

Loughner And The Right: Really? Go ahead. Make my day. Or withdraw the claim.