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How to Deal with the New York Times Paywall

Ken Layne:

‘The Cab Driver’s Homespun Wisdom Is Borne Out By Geopolitical Developments’: Your former Wonkette editor Juli Weiner is helping with this painful transition by offering many completely free endings of New York Times articles, so you can glance at the headline and picture on the front page, and then pick a likely ending, and then you’re done!

  • The cab driver’s homespun wisdom is borne out by geopolitical developments.
  • Despite record college selectivity, admission was not as unattainable as these teens thought.
  • Maureen Dowd disapproves.

This way, you can save your “free 20 Times’ stories” for the really important stuff, like this “think piece” by NYT pop writer Jon Pareles, about how some pop songs lately have a vulgar word in them, but he can’t write what the word is, because that’s not allowed in the NYT. Because you really want to read all of that one.