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Greg Mankiw:

Greg Mankiw's Blog: Fed News: Fed News Senator Shelby blocks Peter Diamond: I am personally saddened by this decision, for Peter is a very smart guy and a highly accomplished economist, as well as a former teacher of mine.  There is no doubt in my mind that Peter was fully deserving of the Nobel Prize.  But I have to admit that, given Senator Shelby's political preferences regarding economic policy, his reasons for blocking the nomination to the Federal Reserve Board are not wholly unreasonable.  Click through to the link above (or here) to read the Senator's explanation.

I can't think of very many people who would add more to the Fed's discussions of regulatory affairs or monetary policy than Peter Diamond.

Put me down as saying that Shelby is being wholly unreasonable--unless, that is, Greg Mankiw is saying that Shelby's political preferences regarding economic policy are for ineffective and counterproductive regulation and for a failure to maintain price stability and full employment?