Stan Collender: Zombie Budget Politics from the 1970s
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Stan Collender Despairs of the Concord Coalition

He concludes that, like the CRFB, the Concord Coalition is now in the business of burnishing the reputations of Republican budget arsonists:

Et Tu Concord Coalition? | Capital Gains and Games: The Concord Coalition has now joined the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget in praising the remarkably vapid and incredibly inconsequential letter 64 senators sent to the White House last week asking for a comprehensive deficit reduction effort but not even hinting that they will vote for it if it is developed. As I said in my post about the CRFB press release about the letter, the fact that the Concord Coalition thought the letter deserved to be hyped may say more about how desperate deficit reduction groups are to show something they can classify as progress than about any actual progress...