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Paul Krugman: Turning a Blind Eye to the Obvious

Time on the Best Financial Blogs

Paul Krugman writes:

Best Financial Blogs - According to Time magazine; number 1 is at the bottom. I’m glad to see most of my favorites there. But where’s Mark Thoma? (They could have dispensed with some of the others; you can guess which.)


The best financial blogs riff on each other « Talking Biz News: Time magazine compiled a list of the most influential — and useful — finance blogs out there and then asked some of the best-known bloggers to review one another’s work. Among the blogs selected were Business Insider, Felix Salmon’s blog for Reuters, Dealbreaker, DealBook from the New York Times, and Planet Money from NPR.

Cal-Berkeley economics professor Brad DeLong writes, “Felix Salmon suits me. Would he suit you? He really ought to. Too many people are either on Team Politics or Team Ideology or Team I Talk My Book. You cannot learn much from them. I can name 10 articles in the past month alone that I am grateful to have learned about because of Salmon. I would have gotten to about three of them without him.”

Dealbreaker editor Bess Levin writes, “No one wakes up earlier than the team at DealBook, and their efforts before most people have had any caffeine make it hard not to visit the site (if just to scan the headlines) every morning. In addition to the site, you can sign up for a 5 a.m. e-mailed newsletter that does one of the best jobs of providing a comprehensive look at the most important stories of the day, gathering everything you need to know from the major news outlets.”

DealBook editor Andrew Ross Sorkin writes, “If there’s one place online that has captured the zeitgeist of trading floors on Wall Street — the bathroom humor, the outsized egos and the language — it’s Dealbreaker. The site is run by Bess Levin, a humorist cum reporter who has successfully managed to turn Wall Street’s biggest names into cartoon characters — and into her most loyal readers. The site feels like a mashup of Page Six and Bloomberg News. The articles may be laced with humor, but beneath all that wit lies a remarkable truth that often cuts closer to reality than more sober news reports. Bess’s trick is that she’s not laughing at Wall Street; she’s laughing with them.”

The list:

Business Insider, Grasping Reality with a Sharp Beak, Econbrowser, Rortybomb, Dealbreaker, Paul Kedrosky, The Wealth Report, WalletPop, Naked Capitalism, Real Time Economics, Megan McArdle, DealBook, Street Sweep, Free Exchange, Economix, The Big Picture, Zero Hedge, Planet Money, Ezra Klein, The Consumerist, Freakonomics, Calculated Risk, Marginal Revolution, Felix Salmon, and The Conscience of a Liberal

Let me join Paul in saying that I learn more from Mark Thoma (and from Econbrowser) these days than from 4/5 of those on the list. And where are the people from the Financial Times? They are awesome...