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What Is Jennifer Anniston Having for Breakfast?

From the Economist

Hal Varian Interview - Innovation with Google Economist Hal Varian | The Ideas Economy:

Economist: What fascinates you most about the rate of productivity today?

Hal Varian: There's a recent study out of the University of Michigan, where they had a team of students find answers to a set of questions using materials in the campus library. Then another team had to answer the same set of questions using Google. It took them 7 minutes to answer the questions on Google and 22 minutes to answer them in the library. Think about all the time saved! Thirty years ago, getting answers was really expensive, so we asked very few questions. Now getting answers is cheap, so we ask billions of questions a day, like “what is Jennifer Aniston having for breakfast?” We would have never asked that 30 years ago.