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Hoisted from Comments: Delco Nightingale

Re: in the center ring we have Duncan Black with Delco Nightingale: Yes My Darling Daughter:

Brendan Skwire writes:

What Is My Best Response?: all I gotta say is "thanks for the link", we all appreciate it. we're on the road right now, poor as hell, sitting in a hotel room somewhere in california, and (speaking for me at least) missing being home in Philly.


brendan skwire (aka, aka, bass player for delco nightingale).


Philly’s Delco Nightingale to perform at the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival in Hollywood | The Key: Delco Nightingale will be heading west to Los Angeles at the end of April to join classic film luminaries and fans alike, performing at the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival in Hollywood. From April 28th-May 1st...