Once Again, We Are Defeated...
The Rise of the East

Neoliberalism Agonistes

Mike Kimel:

Japan: The Post-WW2 Rise, the 1980s Peak, and the Decline - A Simple Theory | Angry Bear: As an aside... ever notice how countries that adopt policies favored by right wing or libertarian think-tanks tend to have a few very successful years (with much crowing by those think tanks) followed by disaster? Be it Japan, Argentina, Russia, much of Eastern Europe, Ireland, Iceland, etc., it does seem that there's a pattern. Heck, that pattern even applies to the US. I think even some of the promoters of those policies are starting to see that pattern. Its to the point where a lot of folks in those circles are trying to convince the public that Singapore, a country where the government's role in the economy is larger and more intrusive than in most other countries, is an example of a libertarian paradise.