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Rebutted by Matthew Yglesias: Long-Term Implications Of The Debt Ceiling Blunder:

Obama, by agreeing to hold negotiations on this subject, has fundamentally changed the dynamic. Once the president has conceded that the debt ceiling is a good opportunity for bargaining, the bargaining never stops. Recall that an increase in the debt ceiling could be blocked by as few as 40 senators, so we can expect the hostage situation to recur every time there’s a need to increase the ceiling. The time of knowing insider clucking about the political theater is over, and the era of repeated high-stakes clashes has begun. And basically the only way for it to end is with someone, at some point, going too far and turning the game of chicken into a car wreck.

Rebuttals to talking-points misinformation that I want to have at the forefront of my brain--for when I am surprised, as I will be, by an unexpected question from an unexpected direction while talking to reporters, phone callers, passers-by, radio interviewers, cable TV interviewers, etc....