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Dick Gephardt Sends Himself to Hell

Now he wakes up every morning and wonders: "How did I come to this? Is this really who I am?"

And the answer appears to be: yes, it is.

David Weigel:

Weigel : Et Tu, Gephardt?: The former Democratic leader of the House writes an op-ed calling -- gently, gently -- for the repeal of the Independent Payment Advisory Board.... He sounds awfully concerned, but why? We look for clues in the client list provided by Gephardt Government Affairs. And we see: the radiation oncology company Accuray, the Council for Medical Innovation, the Cyberknife Coalition.... And we go on to eHealth, ISCON ("whole body imaging solutions without radiation"), pHRMA, and United Health Group. Anyway, I'm stumped. Can we think of a reason Gephardt wants to get rid of IPAB?