Fake Republican Claims that Tax Rate Cuts Invariably Raise Revenues: For the Virtual Green Room
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Fake Claims that Jon Huntsman Has "Jonmentum": For the Virtual Green Room

Rebutted by Eric Boehlert:

Huh? Journalists Reportedly Outnumber Voters At Huntsman’s GOP Campaign Events: This is a rather remarkable observation, from Joshua Green’s Atlantic dispatch, on the first official day of Jon Huntsman’s presidential campaign;

A few weeks ago, I was up in New Hampshire for Jon Huntsman's maiden swing through the state as a possible -- it's now official -- presidential candidate. The rest of the national press corps seemed to be there, too. At many of the events, we reporters outnumbered actual voters, sometimes vastly...

I really do think we’ve entered uncharted waters here. And no, I don’t think it’s a coincidence Republicans are benefiting from the new (non-existent?) guidelines that the press have adopted for the 2012 race, where candidates like Huntsman don’t have to accomplish a thing before being rewarded with a growing media spotlight. 

Rebuttals to talking-points misinformation that I want to have at the forefront of my brain--for when I am surprised, as I will be, by an unexpected question from an unexpected direction while talking to reporters, phone callers, passers-by, radio interviewers, cable TV interviewers, etc....