For the Virtual Green Room: June 12, 2011
Notes on the Two Standard Theories of Macroeconomics...

Has Anybody Successfully Taught the Financial Crisis as a Freshman Seminar Yet?

##DRAFT: U.C. Berkeley: Fall 2011: Economics 24-1: The Financial Crisis and the Great Recession Little Depression of 2007-2012##

F4-5:30, Evans Hall 597. J. Bradford DeLong [email protected] 925.708.0467

Aug. 26: The housing bubble: Reading: Nocera and MacLean, All the Devils Are Here.

Sep. 2: Historical perspective: Reading: Kindleberger, Manias, Panics, and Crashes.

Sep. 9: NO CLASS

Sep. 16: Recessions and depressions: Mill, "Essay II: Of the Influence of Consumption on Production"; Keynes, "The General Theory of Employment"; Hicks, "Mr. Keynes and the 'Classics': A Suggested Interpretation"; Jacob Viner, "Mr. Keynes on the Causes of Unemployment"

Sep. 23: Panics and recessions: Bagehot, Lombard Street; Minsky, "The Financial Instability Hypothesis"

Sep. 30: The great moderation: Bernanke, "The Great Moderation"; Blinder and Reis, "Economic Performance in the Greenspan Era: The Evolution of Events and Ideas"; Rajan, "Financial Markets, Fragility, and Central Banking" plus discussions at and

Oct. 7: The financial collapse:

Oct. 14: The downturn:

Oct. 21: Government policies:

Oct. 28: Politics:

Nov. 4: Sovereigns and their debts:

Nov. 11: NO CLASS

Nov. 18: Recoveries?:

Nov. 25: NO CLASS

Dec. 1: Possible futures: Reinhart and Rogoff, This Time It's Different