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Greg Mankiw Annoys Paul Krugman

Paul Krugman Says That Clive Crook Is Three Years Behind the Curve

I wonder what Clive will be writing in 2014?

Paul Krugman:

Our Lost Decade Relationship: Clive Crook argues that we’re flirting with the possibility of a lost decade. I disagree — the flirting took place three years ago. The lost decade question now isn’t whether our flirtation with a lost decade will turn into something serious; it’s whether the torrid affair we’re now having with the potential for a lost decade can somehow be broken up.... What you see isn’t a recovering economy that may be stumbling; you see an economy that has stopped its free fall, but hasn’t really been recovering at all. I’d say that the burden of proof right now is on those who claim that we aren’t on track for a lost decade.