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Kazimierz Sakowicz Liveblogs World War II: July 11, 1941

Kazimierz Sakowicz

11th July 1941: Quite nice weather, warm, white clouds, windy, some shots from the forest. Probably exercises, because in the forest there is an ammunition dump on the way to the village of Nowosiolki. It’s about 4 p.m.; the shots last an hour or two.

On the Grodzienka [the Wilno-Grodno highway] I discover that many Jews have been “transported” to the forest. And suddenly they shoot them.

This was the first day of executions. An oppressive, overwhelming impression. The shots quiet down after 8 in the evening; later, there are no volleys but rather individual shots.

The number of Jews who passed through was 200. On the Grodzienka is a Lithuanian (police) post. Those passing through have their documents inspected.