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Jon Chait points out politely--very politely--that Dan Balz is simply not competent at his job:

Boehner Still Controls The GOP: Here's another example of reporting that badly misdiagnoses the situation. Dan Balz writes in the Washington Post:

House Republicans have spent the past two weeks debating debt-ceiling proposals that have no possibility of becoming law at this time. What they discovered Thursday is that they couldn’t even get a majority of themselves to agree.

Not true. They have a majority of themselves to agree. What they lack is the requisite 90% of themselves [needed to pass a bill through the House]. Balz continues:

The changes Boehner has been forced to make to his proposal probably will make it even more difficult for his rebellious colleagues to accept any compromise that comes over from the Senate.

The rebellious colleagues are not going to be voting for a compromise with the Senate. They don't need to. Their votes will be replaced with Democratic votes. Boehner's problem will not be with with two dozen most right-wing members of his caucus, but with the median members of his caucus, who will determine what kind of compromise Boehner can accept.

Read the (print) Washington Post, and if you believe it you may well wind up knowing less than you knew before...