Department of "Huh?!"
Department of "Hah!!": Child-Rearing Edition

One Possible Set of Readings and Topics for Economics 24-1: The Financial Crisis and the Little Depression of 2007-2012

Yes, I know that this is about four times as much as freshmen in a freshman seminar can be expected to absorb. But where to cut?

F4-5:30, Evans Hall 597. J. Bradford DeLong [email protected] 925.708.0467

Aug. 26: Panics: Kindleberger, Manias, Panics, and Crashes

Sep. 2: Bubbles: Galbraith, The Great Crash

Sep. 9: NO CLASS

Sep. 16: General Gluts: Bagehot, Lombard Street; Minsky, "The Financial Instability Hypothesis"

Sep. 23: NO CLASS

Sep. 30: The Great Moderation: Greenspan, The Age of Turbulence; Bernanke, "The Great Moderation"; Blinder and Reis, "Economic Performance in the Greenspan Era: The Evolution of Events and Ideas"; Rajan, "Financial Markets, Fragility, and Central Banking" plus discussions at and

Oct 7: Mortgages and Derivatives: Nocera and MacLean, All the Devils Are Here

Oct.14: NO CLASS

Oct. 21: Bank Runs: Gorton, Slapped by the Invisible Hand; Shleifer and Vishny, "Fire Sales in Finance and Macroeconomics"

Oct. 28: The Financial Collapse: Paulson, On the Brink; Cecchetti, "Crisis and Responses: The Federal Reserve in the Early Stages of the Financial Crisis"

Nov. 4: The Recession: Robert Hall, "Why Does the Economy Fall to Pieces After a Financial Crisis?"; Mill, "Of the Influence of Consumption on Production"; Krugman, selections from The Conscience of a Liberal

Nov. 11: NO CLASS

Nov. 18: Policies: Suskind, Confidence Men; Viner, "Mr. Keynes on the Causes of Unemployment"

Nov. 25: NO CLASS

Dec. 2: Politics and Sovereigns: Reinhart and Rogoff, This Time It's Different

Dec. 9: Lunch