No, Asset Price Movements Are Not Normally Distributed, No Way, No How
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A New Club I Will Have to Become a Member of...

The Felix Salmon and Ryan McCarthy Review>Counterparties: What is Counterparties? Counterparties is a curated snapshot of the best finance news and commentary. It’s also an experiment: what would a news website look like if it didn’t need to promote its own content, and just linked to the best stories and posts, regardless of source? We believe that the best way to get people to come back is to send them away: click on a headline, go straight to another site, and see for yourself. And if you click instead on the “All Sources” link, you’ll see a list of everybody else who’s linking to that story.

Counterparties combines our own judgment — what we find interesting, overlooked and important — with the recommendation engine created by our friends at Percolate. That engine regularly monitors all the blogs and Twitter feeds that Felix follows, and keeps an eye out for stories it thinks we’ll find most interesting. The stories we love go into The River, on the right of the page; we’ll move the best to the site’s main section, on the left.

Counterparties is not a finished product. Please let us know what you think: if you like it, we may expand the idea into other areas of coverage. And if you have a suggestion, a complaint, or something we should link to, email us here.


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