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Daniel Davies Trolls His Own Weblog in Defense of Bankers II

Alex Harrowell watches with a horrified fascination:

Yes, the banks are to blame : Daniel Davies’s effort to become the most popular man in Britain "has, apparently, not developed to his advantage", to quote the Emperor Hirohito.

It struck me that there are two opposed explanations for the unusual toxicity of the comments thread that ensued, and they tell us quite a lot about the Great Bubble and the Great Recession that followed.

The first would be Daniel’s explanation. Look at them! It took only six comments for someone to analogise him to a soldier whose commander pays him in whiskey and cigarettes to cut the ears off prisoners, and sixty-five for someone to compare him to one of the anonymous organisers of the Holocaust. We got to Josef Stalin by comment 115 and to Megan McArdle by 108. Surely, this is evidence that there is an unreasoning and unproductive rage around at anything that smacks of banks, bankers, or banking...